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Saturday, 9 December 2017

DiorSkin Forever UnderCover Concealer ¦ REVIEW

Why am I obsessed with concealers? Is it because their in a slim device, easy to travel with and makes you instantly look and feel better without the help of a foundation?


The latest badboy I have seem to acquired is the 'DiorSkin Forever UnderCover Concealer', which follows the classic Dior Skin Forever Foundation which was a favourite of mine for a while last year.

I believe this concealer was launched in the middle of this year some time so I am quite late on the bandwagon but I completely believe the hype!

It is quite ridiculous how amazing this concealer is, it's full coverage, dries quickly, leave a matte finish and doesn't crease until 10+ hours! What a joke! I've tried this pretty much every day since I've had this in my possesion and I've become a mad woman telling anyone wiling to listen how good it is.

But, like all things, there some cons as there are pros, i.e. since it is quite a matte, full coverage consistency, you have to work fast. If I am going out and I want an extra flawless under eye, I'll use a beauty blender but pounce under my eyes in a rapid manner haha, and quickly set. But for day to day, using a brush to blend or your fingers is a lot quicker and works better for when you want to use a smaller amount but don't want to faff wetting your beauty blender and sit there bouncing the blender all over your face.

I use the shade '031' under my eyes which is around 2 shades lighter than my skin tone and very yellow but a small amount brightens my face and makes my face instantly look drab to fab! I also use the shade '040' on my blemishes which don't want to piss off these days but a small amount lasts until I remove my make up and doesn't dissapear at all! This shade is slightly darker than my skin tone but works when I wear foundation but not without #sadtimes.

Nonetheless, if your in the market for a bomb ass concealer, get this!


Thursday, 16 November 2017

THE TRUTH ¦Sehra Nabil ¦ QS Organics Hair Oil Review

Hair Loss is one of those tragedies in life pretty much everyone experiences; some earlier or later than others, but something which everyone will in one way or another go through.

It can be caused by many reasons; due to ones genes, lack of hair care, too much washing which has resulted a dry scalp and ultimately dandruff which also is a main reason for hair loss. 

I personally have had dandruff for a while due to a lack of care, not enough regular oiling of the scalp and tying my hair quite tightly under my hijab. I heard of this brand "QS Organics", through a friend and consequently went on to add her on Snapchat and ordered a bottle via Snapchat as this is where she processes transactions. (Follow 'QS Organics' on Instagram).

Upon receiving the oil, I did think it was quite small as it looked a lot larger in pictures but nevertheless it didn't hinder me in trying it out as I was desperate for results. I had had hair loss on my right side of my head which is the side I would sleep on as well as my hairline. 

It's recommended to mix with an egg white and I would mix one egg white with about two tablespoons of the oil and apply twice a week. The smell is quite mentholy but nothing offensive and I would leave it anytime between 30 minutes to 4 hours, but no more than 6 hours which is what is also recommended. 

It wasn't until after my third use when my sister was styling my hair, and I was about to tell her to use her colour hair spray for my hair line to disguise my irregular hairline that I noticed I didn't need to! My hairline was full and I had NEW babyhairs! I was ecstatic and I have consequently finished the bottle and cannot praise the oil enough! My hair doesn't fall out and resemble a cat whose coughed up hair balls at the bottom of the shower and whenever I do have a shower the plug isn't covered with hair! I literally have the smallest hair fall I've ever experienced AND the ends of my hair isn't rough and brittle and instead soft and smooth. 

I am shocked by how well this works when I was so pessimistic that something could work so well. I've even got my siblings and parents onto this oil! 

I would 100% recommend this oil. It is priced at £29.50 and hope the creator Sehra opens a website to make ordering easier. I also haven't uploaded a before and after as I obviously am a veiled woman lol :P

P.S. for girls who wear an under cap under their hijab wear it quite further back, about 3 quarters away from your hair line as this has also helped with growth upon my hair line :)

Get Long lashes FAST!

It seems everyone's quest in the beauty world is to have clear skin, long lashes and that dreaded word 'contour'to be on fleek!

I haven't tackled the former or the latter but I may have resolved my somewhat sparse lashes into a fuller, thicker and longer appearance. 

I first started to use this eyelash serum at the beginning of this year after watching a Pixiwoo video and being amazed at Nic's eyelashes whom she credited LiLash for the results. Since I had always wanted to try an eyelash serum to see if they were a gimmick or not, I ended up making a purchase and being hooked every since.

On their website there is an option for a 3 month supply of the serum or a 6 month supply, I've chosen the 3 month supply and from February it lasted me until August/September and it is only now I've repurchased. It is £60 so definitely on the pricier side but it does last a very long time.

Initially, I applied it on the lash line every night as that is what is directed on the packaging, however, this caused my eyes to become reddened during the day. I then went on to apply this every other night and proceeded to apply this twice or thrice during the week.

Results came about during my third week and since using this I have people complimenting my lashes and asking what I use hence this post. I've even stopped becoming so reliant on false lashes on a night out because it's so much less headache to just coat my lashes with a bit of Maybelline mascara!
 If your interested, definitely check it out here  you won't regret it :)

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

CURRENT FAVES ¦ November 2017¦ Beauty & Fragrance

We are in November guys, what a joke! I'm currently in my bed, typing this with frozen fingers, in a humongous robe and fluffy slippers with central heating on. How are we facing such a tragedy? Anyway, meltdown over, let's get on with this post. 

Upon every seasonal change, my make up, skincare and even choice of fragrance changes. I like to embrace woodier scents, autumnal colours and hydrating serums/moisturisers in exchange of mattifying products. 

My first love is this Tom Ford fragrance in 'Santal Blush', the perfect feminine and sexy scent. It is woody and sweet at the same time without being too much of a girly scent. 

My second love is followed by my first ever expensive palette I ever purchased which is the CT 'Dolce Vita' palette, a beautiful all time round eye palette, but even more so perfect for this transitional time of the year, I am obsessed with the dark orange shade smudged all over the lid!

The Rosehip Oil keeps my skin uber hydrated, soft and helps to diminish scars and uneven pigmentation and is a favourite for LIFE! And the star of the show is this LiLash eye lash enhancing serum which has made my eye lashes so incredibly long I can't even begin to tell you which is why this shall be my next post, so keep tuned ! xxx

Friday, 8 September 2017

#FENTYBEAUTY ¦ My purchases- Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundation + KillaWatt Highlighter

Rihanna is a force to be reckoned with; having a Midas touch with countless number one hits under her belt, undeniable successes with power houses such as Monolo Blahnik, Dior, Balmain to name a few to now have launched a make up line with up to 40 shades of foundations, Rihanna is making sure she's got everyone covered , literally.

She has slowly taken over everyone's hearts with her exotic beauty, careless attitude and sex appeal. She is a role model and icon to many with a relate able story, work hard, hustle and flourish. So it goes without saying I was eagerly anticipating what was to be launched. We all have probably seen she has launched several highlighter duos and cream highlighter sticks, contour and matte foundation sticks, lip glosses and lip crayons as well as blotting powders, two brushes and a primer.

Upon seeing her full collection on, I wasn't actually impressed as it's difficult to portray colours and textures online as vividly in real life. After I had seen Instagram take a #fentybeauty makeover and people's own pictures I wanted to purchase her foundation and highlighter duo.

I quickly ran on my work lunch break and it was very busy so I was unable to take pictures of the counter and of the rest of her products. I picked up the foundation in '240' warm, and had it tested on my jaw and it is a perfect match *review to come* and her highlighter in 'Ginger Binge and Moscow Mule' which is a stunning burnt shimmery burgundy pink.

Shockingly, they are both priced at £26 which is very affordable especially since the foundation is a 32ml bottle despite a 30ml bottle every brand offers. I am excited to try these products and what is to come.

Shop her collection here

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

NEW¦ L'Oreal True Match Concealer REVIEW- DUPE for UD Naked Concealer!

I am hooked!

Ever since seeing this concealer on @plasticboy 's Instagram and YouTube channel I had to go out and purchase this! I wanted to see if it was similiar to my holy grail UD Naked concealer as well as if L'Oreal had a golden undertone selection with these concealer as this is what the UD concealer lacks.

Priced at £7.99, I purchased two and received the third for free as Superdrugs are currently having a 3 for 2 offer. The shades I picked are 3N Creamy beige (highlight shade), 3D.W Golden Beige (which is my under eye concealer shade) & 6.D/W Golden Honey (which is my actual skin tone/spot concealer shade).

I am blown away at how well these perform,Urban Decay does belong to the Loreal group so they would be very similiar but they are literally the same. They last the same, only crease right at the end of the day (nothing major- but if you have under eye wrinkles you will get creasing ) and the shades are actually better than what UD offers.

I am sold. I don't think I'll be purchasing UD concealers any time soon as these are so much better. The consistency is however a lot more sheer, I would describe them as light to sheer but if you allow it to sit on the face for a minute it allows the concealer to become more opaque.

It's a must try guys!


Sunday, 27 August 2017

Falling back in love with makeup...

For a long while, I have fell out of love with make up. Maybe because of my skin being so sensitive, oily and acne prone I resented wearing make up. I lost my creativity and found it a chore having to apply it every day for work.

I have found having a positive mentality to work, family and my social life and not seeing everything with my negative Nancy glasses my overall health and well being has improved. My stress levels have significantly reduced and my skin hasn't been breaking out so much and

Whenever I come back from work I remove my make up straight away which helps my skin recover from wearing make up all day. As well as this, my 'everyday makeup' is very minimal with a small amount of foundation and concealer. I would always apply so much just to cover everything including my beauty spots and i would find when removing all of my make up I didn't like the look of my face without my makeup.

Makeup now is seen as an enhancement in my eyes and since I have been wearing less make up, whenever there is an occasion to glam up I enjoy the process so much more. I recently went to a friends wedding and this was the first time I enjoyed glamming myself and also the first time i wore a 'full face' of makeup this year!

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