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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Feeling BLUE...

Ever since I came across a few older images (circa 2015) I was inspired to create this look which Kim Kardashian and other beauty influencers have been sporting all over Instagram.

Originally, the image I came across of my self was also inspired by Kimmy and this is just a re make of the look. I don't really tend to create bold eye looks on myself these days as I love to focus on creating a flawless, glowy base. However, I've thoroughly enjoyed creating this look after work and snapping away, it reminded me of my vain days haha!

What's more I literally applied the 'azure' shade in the Anastasia Beverley Hills 'Shadow Couture' Palette all over and blended it out as well as smudging it underneath my eye for that smokey bottom lash.

I paired it with my ultimate darling, the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate in 'Intensity one' to bronze and highlight and Mac 'Stripdown' lip liner, Tom Ford 'Sable Smoke' lipstick and 'Rose Crush' lip gloss for that nude lip.

What do you think? Love it or hate it?

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Skincare for ROACCUTANE| Dry, Flaky, Rough Skin.

Since I have began my journey with Roaccutane, it has been very difficult to decipher which products actually help my skin and which simply do nothing. As I have two elder siblings with Eczema they were able to recommend products which genuinely soothe drier, tight skin and that which does not block pores.

Below I have listed products which will aid your journey and keep your skin as comfortable as it can be on Roaccutane without it feeling more sensitive than it probably is currently feeling:

  1. Aquaphor Balm: This is an all purpose super hydrating balm which soothes instantly and is fragrance free. It leaves a matte finish which is great if your a guy on this medication and perhaps don't want uber glossy lips.
  2. La Roche Posay Cleanser: (recommend from 'emmahbeautyuk' on Instagram), a comforting and hydrating cream cleanser which gently cleanses the skin without leaving a tight and dry feeling afterwards. This cleanser is mildly fragranced but nothing excessive, another option is the 'Fresh, Soy Cleanser', which does not irritate the skin.
  3. Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliant- this is such a god send. As you'll know, once your dry skin has collated, you need to get rid of it as your creams won't soak into the skin properly and exfoliating is the only way to get rid of this problem. All of my exfoliators were too gritty and rough for my sensitive skin. But this Clarins exfoliator is SO gentle and it does the job effectively.
  4. Eucerin 10% Urea Treatment Cream- this is my night cream and it is super hydrating. Just recently the doseage prescribed to me was too much and my skin was so sore and inflammed and this cream did irritate my skin. So, only use this when it is a normal dry skin texture and not sore, inflammed and red skin. Otherwise try Epaderm which is amazing for the latter skin types.
  5. Clinique Moisture Surge-this was not a product I thought I'd ever use despite it being a cult classic. But that is what it is a classically, beautiful and lightweight moisturiser which is what I wear during the day. It soaks in quickly and leaves a healthy glow.
  6. SkinCeuticals SPF- the best SPF! It does not leave any residue, soaks into the skin and provides SPF50 protection. I'm on my 3rd bottle! This is the most important step and any skincare routine will not be effective if your not protecting your skin from the sun. 
These are my 'must haves' as they leave my skin feeling 'normal', well as normal as skin on Roaccutane can feel. I hope this helps and eye drops are so important! I almost forgot, I carry eye drops with me everywhere as your eyes will be so dry now and become red if your not lubricating them with eye drops. You can buy any from Boots or Superdrug. 

Hope this helps!

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Updated Dry Skin MakeUp Menu

Wearing makeup has now, unfortunately, become a bit of a bit of a struggle. Since being on month 2 of Roaccutane where my dosage has increased, my skin sensitivity has also increased and the dreaded DRYNESS which I can't seem to escape from!

I have completely ditched any forms of powder which you can read all about here as it is still so bizarre an experience for me every morning, where upon I would quite literally whack my face with  powder.

After applying my morning skincare, I love to apply the newly added, Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer, which is also described as a moisturizer and primer in one. I know I would have loved this when I had my usual oily/combo skin and can see if working for pretty much all skin types. It gives my skin that boost of hydration which my skin needs as it gets drier throughout the day. Not only this, but this 'primerizer', contains Hyalauronic Acid which is great for plumping the skin with moisture and it contains Niacinamide which smooths and helps with pores and texture.

I am still dabbling with foundations and currently sampling the 'Estee Lauder 'Perfectionist' foundation', which is very dewy and offers light coverage. But, I am still loyal to my Double Wear Light as it does not budge and I apply tonnes of moisturiser underneath and do not set which allows for a juicy, dewy look.

I am in between two concealers, the 'Loreal True Match', as it is so dewy and hydrating as this is what I need and the Urban Decay Naked Concealer which carries more coverage but isn't as hydrating.

As well as this, my new face contour/ highlight situation is the 'Tom Ford Shade + Illuminate Duo'. GUYS, this has been sat in my drawer for 2 years and I've not used it! Since anything powdery looks a joke on me I love all cream products. The cream highlighter legit looks like your skin, there Is nothing shimmery or glittery about this, I straight up blob this around my face with my beauty blender for #da glow. The bronzer is a gorgeous yellowy undertone bronze, it's not cool toned and mimics you've actually been on holiday, I have so many people at work asking if I've been on holiday because the bronze is also UNREAL!

And last but not least this Clinique Moisture Facial Spray is the best hydrating spray EVER. Whenever I walk past a Clinique counter I admittedly, drench my face in this and mine has just come in the post! It is soothing, calming and hydrating and if your a #drybitch YOU NEED IT.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Muslim Online Dating | THE TRUTH

It seems if your a 20 something  Muslim woman living anywhere in the world, the hot topic that seems to need to be addressed is, "Are you married?" or "Are you with anyone?". If your response is a "No.", to any of these questions then queue the onslaught of ideas from everyone just needing to air their opinion.

I am a 25 year old woman seeking a like minded companion, somebody who is a good person, ambitious and a man of faith. Whether I want this now or maybe in a few years, I don't know, but one thing I do know is, I will never settle for anything less than I deserve. I would rather be single, independent and happy than unhappy and with the wrong man.

A year ago, I decided along with constant nagging of friends was to join 'Muzmatch' and 'Minder', which are both online Muslim dating sites on the pursuit to find a potential spouse.

Throughout the whole of 2017, I was pretty much on both these apps. I am no longer on these apps and I'll divulge into that later in this post. But primarily, I'll discuss the different men on such apps.

In my experience, 'Muzmatch', appeared to be slightly more professional and user friendly. On this app, you'll fill out a bio about yourself and upload images if you want or you can opt for your photos to be discoverable once you've matched with someone. You basically, are swiping right if your attracted and left if your not. essentially, quite shallow, but such is life.

I preferred this app because men were slightly more serious and not as sex crazed as Minder. But in saying that there were a few idiots trying their luck. Minder, I mean, the name says it all, a Muslim Tinder, is exactly that. I remember waking up to disgusting messages and thinking, 'Wow, these men are actually mad!, how do people find legitimate matches on these sites?". But all is not lost, because they do actually work, I have friends who are now in talks with both parties parents ready for marriage.

What's more, I found on both these apps men were also adamant to find out whether you were a virgin which is a whole new topic in itself or simply couldn't be bothered to reply. I'm sure from the perspective of a man, the women are just as mad and sex crazed!

The reason why I stopped using these apps was because I was falling into a vicious cycle of talking to these men, asking and responding to the same questions, exchanging numbers and then it fizzling out and I just needed a break. I stopped last October and I feel so much relief from not being on these apps and its less awkward bumping into your matches!

Also girls, phone buddies doesn't mean your in a relationship and my advice would be to meet as early as you can so you can decipher whether there is an attraction. We create personas of ourselves on our phones and its easy to romanticise things via text messages. If its been a month and there hasn't been a conversation of meeting, just un match, life's too short to entertain that B.S. Also, the minute your feeling desperate for attention, get yourself out of that conversation/chat. You'll end up being privy to their ego and forget yourself.

Also, a lot of people shun such sites but pretty much the whole world INCLUDING MUSLIMS use online dating sites, There's a taboo for everything these days, definitely try it out if your looking to find somebody, the minute they attempt questionable conversation, shut that shit down and move on.

Also, let's pray my parents don't read this!!

Friday, 23 March 2018

We're Ditching Powder | Dry Skin Friendly, Dewy Skin

I am in my second month of using Roaccutane and my skin has never looked better, my pores have shrunk considerably, I no longer have wet looking skin because it is no longer oily and I can get away with just concealer, HURRAH! (check my Instagram-Sakinahsayss stories for picture updates)

But I do now have tight, dry skin which requires maintenance if not every day or every other day. I have a post coming soon of, 'Roaccutane Friendly Sensitive Skin Saviours', and it is because of these products as well as trial and error that I am able to wear make up and it not look dry or a hot mess!

I remember always saying, 'I wish I had dry skin', just so I could avoid having to powder my skin constantly. Not only would I "bake", my skin every morning, but I even started to SET MY PRIMER BEFORE FOUNDATION just to halt the oil process! So, to now ditch powder all together is a very different experience for me!

My skin looks so much healthier, dewy and my make up doesn't fall apart as I anticipated. What's more, up until last week I was still powdering my under eyes with my fave RCMA powder just where my creasing usually appears and I looked like a 94 year old woman! So I have ditched powder all together and don't get me wrong, I do get creasing under the eyes, but who doesn't have creasing under their eyes unless your 15 years old!?

If you are on Roaccutane and you want to wear make up but are looking like a dry crusty bitch, just ditch all powders, opt for a cream bronzer/blusher/highlighter combo and trust me you'll be looking amazing! And you don't even need to carry a powder to blot at all which is a revelation in itself!

Have you tried not powdering your foundation?

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Roaccutane Diaries| Month 1

I am currently intaking 30mg of Roaccutane once a day after a meal. Roaccutane is a drug prescribed by a dermatologist after topical creams and tablets have not aided in ones Acne. This was the case for me, I had heard bad and good reviews and was told since my Acne is regarded as 'mild' within the confines of Acne as a whole, that this drug has a high success rate and would help my skin. I am at the point where I don't want Acne to control my life and I feel it has for a while. I decided to start this drug as the Acne on my chest was getting quite bad and I want it GONE! I don't mind the odd breakout here and there but having it all the time at 25 years old is something I just don't want to experience.

Week 1- During the first week, I didn't experience any changes until the 6th day where my eyes became incredibly red and felt very dry. Luckily, my brother is an optician and recommended eye drops which would alleviate the tight feeling I was experiencing. As well as this, my lips became incredibly dry and after applying whatever lip balm was around me I went and purchased Eucerin, Aquaphor Skin Balm, this can be used anywhere but I apply this on my lips at all times. I use this eye drops around 3/4 times a day.

Week 2- I found my skin was getting dry on my forehead, my cheeks and nose. It wasn't uncomfortable but for the first time in my whole life, I wasn't having to blot my skin on lunch breaks or 'fix' my make up. As my skin was getting drier, my make up would look exactly the same as when I would leave my house in the morning, it looked perfect. However, I did have a mini break out, nothing cystic, but due to the time of the month and it was gone within the week. Also, my pores are non existant! First time in my life!

Week 3- My skin was visibly very dry and feeling tight. I also needed a new moisturiser and night cream so I went to Boots and purchased the Eucerin 10% Urea Treatment Cream, after watching a Caroline Hirons video on YouTube. My lips also became swollen and the insides of my nose and ears were very dry. My scalp is also flaky so I have to smother my scalp with coconut oil twice a week.

Week 4- My skin became very, very dry. As I work in beauty retail, I am required to wear make up and thankfully, I don't have great big spots to cover so I usually wear concealer, powder .i.e the bare minimum. But I like to look presentable with flawless 'looking' skin and I found I wasn't able to achieve this as all foundations would look so dry and matte; something I'm not used to. I prefer dewy, satin finishes, so this got me down but in the grand scheme of things it's a minor issue.

Even as I type this I have the Eucerin cream all over my face and lips. My face is constantly red and this is one of the side effects of Roaccutane. Thankfully it isn't feeling as tight as two days ago where I had to take an Antihistamine because my skin was so sensitive and felt as if my skin was very close to an open flame. I went to sleep with Aloe Vera to calm this feeling and it has gone back to 'normal'. I haven't been feeling overly emotional or depressed than normal and whenever I do feel myself feeling like this I occupy myself with something which needs doing!

I can't believe it's been a month already, it has gone quite quick except for the last few days!

Here are some images of my skin at the end of month 1(without filter, I've taken my camera off the skin smooth setting and lol I was sat casually with Fenty '$tunna' Lip Paint. All that sheen is from the cream I have on and I was stood in front of a window hence why I look washed out and not like my brown and proud self haha):


National Fragrance Day| What's your favourite?

As it is national fragrance day, I'd like to know what's your favourite fragrance?

Above are Jo Malone candles which also has the same fragrance lines in the above scents, I love mimosa and cardomom and pretty much all of their scents!

But my favourite fragrance is 'Baccarat' by Maison Francis Kurdjan and this has slowly become one of my favourite perfume houses. They smell so expensive and are so distinct!

I also love 'White Suede' from Tom Ford, 'Dia' by Amouage and 'Bronze Goddess' from Estee Lauder during the Summer! Soft musky, sexy scents are what I love to wear!

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