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Sunday, 4 June 2017

My Obaji Radiance Blue Peel Review¦ Destination Skin¦ Birmingham

As you've noticed my blog has taken a skincare/ updated skin care routine direction. I have always tried to get clear skin but my skin always decides what it wants to do itself. I have chopped and changed my skin care products/routines and maintained certain products that have worked i.e. the Sunday Riley UFO oil.

Since arriving back from my brief holiday to Dubai, my skin cleared up considerably and I decided to start treatments at Destination Skin. They are a high street clinic with over 18 clinics in the UK and primarily cover laser hair and skin treatments.

During my consultation I discussed my concerns and was given certain products to use which I will discuss in an upcoming post and was then suggested peels which would work for my skin acne prone/ sensitive skin. One peel in question was the 'Obaji Radiance Blue Peel', which I underwent a few weeks ago.

This peel promises, "Brightens | Anti-ageing | Tightens lines & wrinkles | Clears Acne  
Superficial exfoliation reduces pore size & improve complexion, the ideal treatment for acne prone or sun-damaged skin. The star ingredient, Salicylic acid (BHA), deep cleans even the most clogged pores.

Upon arrival, I was taken into a room and was told to lie upon a bed and my skincare was removed off my face and protective glasses which covered my eyes were applied. Salicylic acid was distributed upon my face, continued with a slight scratchy substance and then heat was somehow utilised and dispensed over my face.

The whole process lasted 30 minutes and was mildly uncomfortable. After the procedure an SPF was applied to my face and my skin did look radiant. I was told that the downtime for this procedure was three days for any peeling which would occur but I stand defiantly and would argue a week downtime is required.

I didn't get peeling but instead I experienced excessive dryness and the feeling of tight skin. After a few weeks my skin does look better but my skin was already clearing up befre this process. I wouldn't recommend this as the finish isn't drastic enough to warrant a £95 charge. I have inserted some pictures below but silly me I hadn't taken any images directly before the peel.

What do you think and have you ever had a peel before?


Monday, 15 May 2017

Sunday Riley UFO Clarifying Oil + Mattifying Melting Water Gel Toner

Sunday Riley has slowly become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to skincare. From raving reviews to Cult Beauty featuring this brand for weeks on their website this brand is amazing especially for those with problematic skin, like myself.

I have been using this brand for well over a month and have already finished two thirds of the bottle. The Ultra Clarifying Oil (UFO) boasts of , exfoliating salicylic acid, ...brightens and reduces post-acne discolouration with the help of hexylresorcinol and liquorice. It also contains antibacterial tea tree and black cumin seed oil to combat spot-causing bacteria, while neroli and chamomile combine to calm any redness. And, to keep your skin clear and contented, the inclusion of cucumber and milk thistle helps to maintain moisture levels so your face feels 'plump' and dewy (never stripped)."

I completely agree with the above description, my acne scarring has reduced, the texture of my skin is much softer and has helped with my constant breakouts I've been suffering with from Christmas. The smell of this oil is the only negative aspect I can complain of; I believe it is the Black cumin seed oil because it has a very strong herbal/ green smell, if that makes sense. Nevertheless, I can easily overlook that because it does what it says and genuinely works.

I would definitely recommend this to those who are left with acne discolouration/ pigmentation and you will see results after the two week mark. It is definitely worth the price tag since I would re purchase this without any hesitation.

The 'Martian Water Melting Toner' is not as remarkable as the oil simply because I did not see any results with this. I used it in conjunction with the oil and without and believe it to not have aided in my skin clearing journey. It has a water like consistency as the name suggests and I am quite disappointed in having spent £48 on a toner to now be sitting in my drawer. I enjoyed the packaging of this product because the pump releases a substantial amount of product and aesthetically, the gold and green packaging looks nice. But I would rather a product be complimented on its ability to work as opposed to having a pretty packaged container.

That being said I would definitely recommed the UFO oil and to purchase click here :) 


Sunday, 12 March 2017

Cult Beauty Spring Goody Bag! + Sunday Riley Purchases!

Sunday Riley has slowly become one of the new "it" skincare products of 20170/2016 and I have wanted to try out her products for the longest time! Since Cult Beauty were giving away £200+ of products when a spend of £110 was made I jumped for the chance to try all the freebies. The goody bag has now ended unfortunately, however I will discuss what was was included below :)

I initially had purchased the 'Mattifying Melting Water Gel Toner' and the 'Ultra Clarifying Face Oil' in a desperate bid to alleviate my face from the nightmare of a face I currently have. I am experiencing the worst acne I have ever encountered but I've discussed this in a previous post.

So, hopefully this combination of toner and face oil will help my skin but I will keep you updated when I have finished the products or seen a difference in my skin. But with the purchase of the two I was gifted the Cult Beauty Goody Bag which included :

{The brow grooming essential}
Created by the woman tasked with maintaining Ms. Megan Fox's flawless arches, The BrowGal's {Eyebrow Gel} tames strays and reins in rogue escapees to ensure your brows look groomed and totally 'on fleek'.
{The all-natural blackhead banisher}
Odacité's potent {Pimples Serum Concentrate} boasts black cumin and cajeput extracts, to combat spot-causing bacteria and purge pores of impurities - preventing unwelcome eruptions (without leaving skin feeling stripped).
{Our founder's favourite face mask}
Cult Beauty's Co-Founder Alexia was bowled over by Hannes Dóttir's {Seamasque} - a gloopy cocktail of Icelandic algaes which has instant transformative impact. "The results of this mask are immediate and miraculous. Redness disappears, scars fade and your skin is left wonderfully plump. It's the ultimate quick-fix!"
{The kiss-resistant liquid lipstick}
Embrace the ongoing obsession with matte lip colour, and rock Beauty Bakerie's beautiful {Lip Whip} in 'Versailles' - a pretty mauve-pink that is perfectly Antoinette-worthy. What's more, you can eat all the cake without colour smudging or transferring... essential for all sweet-toothed beauty junkies.
{The most-wanted illuminator}
Causing a furore since it launched, BECCA's beautiful, lavender-toned {First Light Priming Filter} lends lacklustre skin a subtle, 'gym skin' dewiness - dispelling signs of dullness without any tell-tale sparkle. In a convenient travel-sized tube, this is perfect for converts, as well as those eager to try this sought-after perfecting fluid.
And so much more! 
I'm mostly eager to try the Tata Harper Pore Minimising Cleanser and the mini Laura Geller Highlighter is too cute!

Have any of you tried these products?


Saturday, 11 March 2017

My Update with Adult Acne (inc. pictures)

Bloody Acne!

So in my previous post, I discussed just how frustrating Acne can be and I briefly mentioned that I had simplified my skincare routine and my Doctor had recommended a 'spot cream'. The spot cream in question is called 'Epiduo 0.1% / 2.5% gel- adapalene / benzoyl peroxide'.

The first cream I was advised to try was 'Benzoyl Peroxide' which I knew I shouldn't have agreed to use because I've been given this pissy little tube so many times and it never has worked. So after a month, I went back to the Doctors and was recommended this cream in question. It is the same Benzoyl Peroxide but with Adapolene and here is what my skin is looking at this moment in time. I do not have any large infected spots but indeed, I have smaller zits scattered along my jaw and lower cheek area. I also have large areas of hyper pigmentation and discolouration which is slowly fading.

(Pic of skin now)

I am yet to book another appointment but when I do, I would like to use oral tablets next as I have read that this is a much effective alternative and I do remember my Doctor mentioning that this may be another resort to aiding my acne. But let me know if you are enjoying these 'Acne Update' posts and if you have any recommendations :)

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Tom Ford Summer 2017 Make Up Sneak Peak!!

There is nothing more glamorous and beautiful than a Tom Ford Summer Collection. It is usually packaged in the holiday inspired white and gold colours and sells out quickly!

My favourite of the selection includes the highlighter called 'Reflect Guilt', a warm gold and a warm pink gold which will look beautiful on all complexions. Oh, and the pigment is unreal! Soft and buttery but with masses of colour pay off! This can be used wet or dry and on the eyes as eye shadows!

There will also be a few shades of eye duos but I have the warm golden shade which is again is a stand out item! It comes with a cream to apply first and a glitter to press on top!

Lastly, there will also be small lipsticks in a white packaging case which will hold lip balm type lipsticks with a round head for easy application. They are sheer in application but so creamy and long lasting.

The shade names are yet to be disclosed of the eye duos and lip sticks so keep an eye out! This collection is limited edition and will release on the 28th April 2017!

Monday, 6 March 2017

EX1 Foundation review¦ Foundations created for warm, golden tanned skin.

"EX1 cosmetics is a multi-award winning range of make-up founded by biochemist Farah Naz, who struggled to find make-up that perfectly suited skin tones like her own. Dedicated to those with yellow undertones, EX1’s fan base includes Hollywood’s A-list, the world’s top models and beauty editors alike."

I first heard of this foundation among social media which is probably were you hear about a lot of new things with everyone raving or ranting about the latest launch.
 Admittedly, I have only now tried this foundation after years of wanting to try it first as it isn't readily available in many stores. However, you can find it on or Oxford St, Topshop and many other places. I purchased this from Topshop in shade 6 & 8 and found that it leaves a very skin like finish. It is a semi matte finish with a slight sheen. I tried this a few times and found that is has a more pink undertone and on my oily combination skin it withered away by the end of the day. As well as this, when I touched my face during the day, it would transfer which is one of my pet peeves with foundation.
However,the packaging is very sleek and I adore the rose gold design. My advise would be to definitely try before you buy as I found that a lot of people have mixed reviews. The price range is affordable as well as it is under the £15 mark however, I would give this foundation a miss.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Dealing with Adult Acne

A fury of emotions barging through your front door, knocking you over and staying in your house without permission and doing as they please whenever and whatever they want.

That is how I feel adult acne is. No longer a teenager to pass it off as 'teenage skin' , and adult enough to listen to everyone's remedies and suggestions to 'fix' your skin, not knowing you have dealt with body and facial acne since you were 11 years old.

Teenage acne tends to be all over the face, typically cheeks and forehead and adult acne tends to be around the jaw line with cysts or small angry zits. I currently am experiencing the latter and sat writing this post with a Tumeric and yogurt face mask; a natural mask packed with anti inflammatory and calming ingredients, just what I need for an angry mob of spots sat comfortably on my jaw!

So, I thought I'd write a few tips on what I have learnt over the years to help my spots.

  1. Simplify your skincare routine. I cleanse night and day with Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser, moisturise with Embryolisse Lait Concentrate during the day and at night use my prescribed spot cream from the doctors on my jaw. I apply Rosehip oil on my forehead and upper cheeks at night as this part of my face is unscathed.
  2. Change your bed sheets. Your bed sheets and pillow covers tend to house a lot of bacteria and saliva if your dribble haha! It's peace of mind and knowing that your going to bed in clean sheets.
  3. Drink plenty amounts of water. It'll flush your body of toxins and generally help your overall appearance.
  4. Eat healthily. You are what you eat. 
  5. Try not to pick at your spots. I am the worst culprit for this. Picking at the spots will create a breeding ground for more spots to grow and cause that section of your face to be redder and sore.
  6. Try not to wear make up when you don't need to. I know this is hard and I only wear makeup when I am at work as it is required and I love to not wear make up to let my skin 'breathe'. And try to wear 'oil free' products.
  7. It's not the end of the world. People have it worse. Your not going to die. And stop stressing.

Now to actually use all of my points. HA!
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